Open Story-Time: 10:30-11am

Open Play: 1-3pm

Kids' Yoga- 4-5pm


Kids' Art Class: 4-5pm


Open Play: 1-3pm

Hip Hop Dance: 4:30-5:30pm


Sing-a-Long with Lavender Blues: 11am Bitty Bunnies (focus on movers crawlers & walkers); 12:30pm Bitty Bunnies (focus on non-movers)


2s Too! Art: 11-11:45am

Open Play: 1-3pm


Art Portfolio Development: 10:30-12:30pm


Creative Movement: 11-11:45am

Mommy and Baby Yoga: 12-12:45pm

September, 27th Duck Tape Workshop: Make your own purse, wallet, book case, phone case (Ages 7-10yrs)



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Open Story-Time is led by Julia Birnbaum. Julia is a trained early childhood teacher. She has taught in different public and private schools in NYC while doing graduate work at Bank Street College of Education. While attending Bank Street, she studied storytelling and folklore and used this art in her classrooms.

Open Play- There is no instructor for this group.

Kids' Art Class and 2s Too! Art is taught by Danielle Katz. Danielle is the founder and teacher at Brooklyn Doodles, an arts-based early childhood program located in Brooklyn

Hip Hop Dance and Creative Movement classes are taught by Robert Lewis. Robbilew has been a teaching artist for the School of Nimbus Dance Works since 2013. He is a graduate of the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance as well as a professional dancer. He teaches Pre-K and Kindergarten classes in various Jersey City schools and Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern Dance to ages 5 and up through the School of Dance at Nimbus Dance Works.

Mommy and Baby Yoga is taught by Yoga Jen- Jennifer Pinna. Yoga Jen is a certified Pre-natal Yoga instructor. She has also been teaching kids' yoga for he past year and a half at Veroyoga Studio in PLG and various early childhood learning centers throughout Brooklyn.

Kids' Yoga- The instructor for this class is Jovan Clay. Jovan is a dancer and certified Pilates teacher. She began teaching yoga to children 10 years ago and currently teaches at the Maple Street Coop, Prospect Heights Academy, Park Slope Child Care Collective, and Brooklyn Free Space.

Art and Craft Workshops- Instructors vary. 

Art Portfolio Building is taught by artist Linda Serrone Rolon 

Lavender Blues Music for Babies is taught by founder/teacher Miss Alex

our instructors

Class Descriptions:

Open Story-Time (Ages 0-4 years)- this 30 mins interactive meet-up is dedicated to children and their parent or caregiver. Children will enjoy stories, rhymes, songs and finger play while developing independence and social skills. Adults are encouraged to gently guide their child's participation and have fun along with their child. $8; Drop-In Class, No Registration

Open Play (Ages 0-3 years)- our Open Play sessions offer a fun and affordable way to get together with other children and parents/caregivers. Children share playtime with age-appropriate toys (balls, cars, blocks, puzzles) while building connections with each other. $10; $100 for 10 pass pack (get free pass plus bring a friend for free)

Kids' Yoga (Ages 4-7 years)- this 45 mins class will help children develop a sense of awareness and respect for oneself and others. Children will explore and discover wonderful ways to promote confidence and self-esteem. In this class we will go through an adventure of poses, breath work, balancing, group activities and then final relaxation. Fostering your child's creative expression, imagination and helping to set a foundation for well-being is the goal. $15; $90 for 6 week session: Drop-In $18

Hip Hop Dance (Ages 5 and up)- this Hip Hop class has no boundaries. NO dancer is alike; each one has their own rhythm, style and attack. This funky, groovy and Wild class is for the kids. One of the best parts about dance is that it is a form of expression. So let's express ourselves, have fun and stay healthy!$15; $90 for 6 week session; Drop-In $18

Creative Movement (Ages 2.5-5 years)- our Creative Movement class will be based around two main ideas: imagination and basic modern dance skills. Through fun exercises and experimentation we will learn about that basics in movement invention and creation. $12; $72 for 6 week session; Drop-In $15

Mommy and Baby Yoga (Ages 6 weeks-9months)- Mommy and Baby Yoga is geared to get moms back in tune with their physical and mental fitness while bonding with baby in a unique way. With baby, we will do some stretches and massages to encourage healthy joints, range of motion and development. Moms will have 45mins of stretches, breath work, sun salutations and much more! $15: $90 for 6 week session; Drop-In $20

Kids Art Class (Ages 5-8 years)- in our Kids' Art Class children will work mostly with acrylic paints on canvas. Each week we will explore the color, versatility, and vibrancy of this medium with various painting techniques. Children will be given the opportunity to develop expressive skills while fostering an appreciation for art. $20; $120 for 6 week session; Drop-In $25; students are required to bring their own set of acrylic paints and brushes

Lavender Blues is an exciting hands- on musical experience for babies and toddlers. During these 40 mins classes, children will develop an understanding of rhythm and music, build awareness and control of their bodies and expand their social and coordination skills- all while singing, dancing and having fun!$12; No registration required for this class

2s Too! Art Class (20 months-3 years)- in our 45 mins art class children will explore cognitive themes such as colors, shapes, textures and nature in a fun setting designed t o enhance development, stimulation, and promote creativity. Each class begins with a lively circle time that includes a hello song, sing-a-long and story. The story usually relates to the weekly art project. $15; $90 for 6 week session; Drop-In $18; Mommy and Me 

Kids' Night Out!(Ages 5 and up) Friday nights just got cooler! Drop your kids off and we'll entertain them while you enjoy a night out. Activities vary each month and include movies, arts and crafts and more! All activities are age appropriate and guarantee to be lots of fun!

Art Portfolio Development- This workshop is designed for the serious student who is applying to an art program for Middle School, High School or Undergraduate Art School. Students will understand what art school will be like and will learn how to make their portfolio stand out. Drawing will be the number one emphasis with careful attention to detail and composition. All criteria is based on the expectation of the schools of interests. $25; $150 for 6 week session; participants are required to purchase all supplies for this class

September Schedule: Special Promotional Week of Trial Classes, Demos, and Workshops September 8th t0 the 14th.

TUESDAY: Kids' Art Class 4-5pm (6 week Session Starts September 15th) 

WEDNESDAY: Open Play 1-3pm; Hip Hop 4-4:45pm (Demo September 16th) 

THURSDAY: Lavender Blues 11am; 12:30pm; Guitar Lessons 4-5pm

FRIDAY: 2s Too! Art 11-11:45am (6 week Session Starts September 18th); Open Play 1-3pm; Kids' Night Out (Pizza and a Movie) 6-8pm

SATURDAY: Art Portfolio Building 10:30-12:30pm (6 week Session Starts September 19th)

SUNDAY: Creative Movement 11-11:45am (6 week Session Starts September 20th); Mommy and Baby Yoga 12-12:45pm (6 week session starts September 20th); Birthday Party Demo 2-4pm

MONDAY: Story-time 10:30-11am; Open Play 1-3pm; Kids' Yoga 4-4:45pm (6 week Session Starts September 21st)

676 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225  |  347.715.9347  |  Open 7 days a week